So much time and resources are spent on signing sponsors, delivering on contracts and building relationships. How valuable would it be to hear what your sponsors are really thinking?


The Hallway Talk Sponsor Satisfaction Check-Up digs deep into the relationship so that you can put resources where sponsors value them, retain sponsors longer and proactively address issues that may cause them to leave.

More and more, sponsors need to demonstrate an ROI. Is there something more or different that you should be doing to help them justify their investment? Are you running programs and devoting resources to activities that they don't value, just because they are part of a package? What about your people -- are personalities helping or harming the relationship?  

Hallway Talk can help you find the Truth.

Sponsor Satisfaction Check-ups are personally conducted by Hallway Talk principals, experienced relationship specialists who hold in-depth and confidential conversations with decision makers and key participants in each sponsor organization and their agencies. The result of the Review will reveal the sponsor’s true perceptions, across all levels of the sponsor organization, about a number of important areas including:

  1. Overall sponsor perception of and satisfaction with the sponsorship terms, value and implementation

  2. How the sponsor articulates success and their perception of the property’s ability to deliver against objectives, KPIs and ROI

  3. The level of support and loyalty for the relationship, their likelihood to renew and future needs

  4. Sponsorship structure and elements – perceived value of assets, alignment with the property and future “wish” list

  5. Feedback on responsiveness/service from the property’s support staff

The Sponsor Satisfaction Check-up lays an important foundation for sponsor retention, renewal and growth. By revealing the unfiltered perceptions from across the sponsor organization, properties can see and address previously unknown issues before they have a negative impact on the relationship. One by-product of the Sponsor Satisfaction Check-up is the revelation of unmet needs and the opportunity to modify future agreements and/or upsell programs.

The Sponsor Satisfaction Check-up also enables property owners to identify and build on what sponsorss see as their best practices and more clearly understand the partners’ needs and vision for the future.

We've found that people will open up to a third party in ways they wouldn't when asked directly. As a result we deliver actionable insights critical to your business performance.

Hallway Talk.  Let the Truth be told.