Hallway Talk’s New Sponsor Satisfaction Check-Up Reveals What Sponsors Really Think They’re Getting For the Money

PRESS RELEASE -- SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 10, 2017 – If you’re the head of a major sports property and learn that half of your sponsors may be thinking about leaving, would you take action to save those relationships? A recent industry study found that 45% of sponsors surveyed were considering dropping out of their current deals. Today Hallway Talk (hallwaytalk.com), the client-retention experts, is introducing an innovative service for property management designed to reveal which sponsors are happy and which are planning an exit.

Hallway Talk’s new Sponsor Satisfaction Check-Up reveals how the sponsorship is performing in the eyes of the sponsors and delivers insights that properties can act on to keep the relationship strong.

“With sponsorships, it’s often difficult for marketers and their agencies to precisely measure ROI. Many decisions are based on the perception of the value of the relationship”, said Dory Ford, co-founder of Hallway Talk, “Revealing these perceptions is what our Sponsor Satisfaction Check-Up is all about.”

The Hallway Talk team are experts at getting sponsors, and their agencies, to open up and reveal their true perceptions through a process that allows sponsors to share their candid assessments of the sponsorship. “Sponsor needs are evolving. Too often there is a gap between the sponsor’s expectation and their perception of how well the property is delivering.“ says Ford, “We help close the gap by discovering what is said in the sponsor’s hallways but isn’t always communicated to the property.”

Hallway Talk has a proven process to discover unsaid and highly valuable sponsor perceptions in a strategic and confidential manner. The client-retention practice was founded by partners Dory Shaw Ford and Penny Jo Welsch, who between them have decades of marketing industry experience and have worked with some of the world’s most recognized brands in dozens of industries.

“We started Hallway Talk with a focus on agency-client relationships and it has proven to deliver,“ explains Ford. “Branching out into the sponsorship world is a natural next step. It’s an industry where long-term relationships lead to success on both sides and the best way to maintain and grow these relationships is by understanding perceptions that too often are unspoken.”

“Once the issues are uncovered, Hallway Talk works with the organization to recommend and implement improvements,” Ford said. “Like agencies, properties should recognize that sponsor retention is as important a discipline as sponsorship sales. At the heart of this business transaction are personal relationships and at times it’s important to bring in an impartial third party to truly evaluate how the relationship is going. Hallway Talk does that.“

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