Hallway Talk Untangles the Complex Relationship Between Brands and Their Interagency Teams

PRESS RELEASE --SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 22, 2017 – In today’s marketing world, brands often work with multiple agencies. Specialists in media, digital, social, content, brand activation and more are part of the interagency team. All too often this leads to a complicated tangle of brand-agency and agency-agency relationships that can result in inefficiencies and diluted work for the brand. Today Hallway Talk (hallwaytalk.com), the relationship-retention experts, unveils a new service that untangles the complexity of these relationships allowing brands to get better deliverables, better results and improved efficiencies from their agencies.

Hallway Talk’s new Interagency Relationship Review and Recharge uses the unique Hallway Talk Process to sort through what’s working and not working between brands and agencies. “Our process is based on a simple, but powerful premise which is -- what people will say in the hallway to each other, they won’t always say to you directly.” said Dory Ford, co-founderof Hallway Talk, “For a number of reasons, people aren’t always completely forthright and transparent. We find that as a neutral third-party, people are willing to open up to us so wcan reveal issues and perceptions that affect the agency ecosystem.”

The confidential Hallway Talk Process has proven to surface unspoken and highly valuable insights. The relationship-retention practice was founded by partners Dory Shaw Ford and Penny Jo Welsch, who have decades of marketing industry experience and have worked with some of the world’s most recognized brands in dozens of industries.

“We started Hallway Talk two years ago working with agencies to improve their client retention and growth and it has proven to deliver,“ explains Ford. “Extending our services to help brand marketers optimize interagency team relationships is a natural extension for us. Brands make such a big investment of time and money in their agency relationships and their success significantly impacts the brand’s bottom line. It just makes sense to make sure these relationships are working so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

“Once the issues are uncovered, Hallway Talk works with the brand and their agency teams to recommend and implement improvements,” Ford said. “The marketers have hired some very talented agencies to work together on their behalf. Sometimes it takes an impartial third party to work through issues and get everyone working more seamlessly towards the same goal. Hallway Talk does that.“

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