The Hallway Talk High-Value Customer Relationship Review for Marketing Technology Companies



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Hallway Talk helps marketing technology companies retain high-value customers by uncovering what is spoken in your customers’ hallways but might not be shared with Customer Success Managers. Through our unique research process, we uncover the customer’s true perceptions about your marketing platform, people and services and deliver actionable insights that empower you to build, sustain, repair and grow your most valuable relationships.

Marketing and Technology:  A Challenging New Intersection

Marketing technologies have evolved and now reach far beyond the traditional corporate IT function. CMOs and their marketing teams increasingly influence major technology buying decisions.

For marketing technology companies who originally worked primarily with IT professionals, this trend presents new challenges:

  • How to best understand the mindset of marketers and speak their language?

  • How to evolve product-oriented sales and service teams to a focus on service and relationship building?

How well is your company adapting to this trend and meeting the needs of your customers?

By revealing customer perceptions, the Hallway Talk High-Value Customer Relationship Review answers this critical question and empowers you to take action and be better poised for future success.

The Hallway Talk Process

As an impartial third party, we talk in depth and in confidence with the customer stakeholders that interface with your product or influence the relationship. Interviews are conducted by Hallway Talk principals who have decades of experience interfacing directly with marketers at all levels.

Interviews are held across all levels of the organization up to and including the C-suite.

Proven process extracts information that gets to key issues so that we (and you) truly understand your clients’ perceptions.

Hallway Talk Delivers the Voice of Your Customer

The Hallway Talk High-Value Customer Relationship Review delivers key benefits for marketing tech providers in the form of actionable insights and recommendations that will empower your company to:

Adjust, redirect efforts, and/or reassign resources to increase customer satisfaction.

Improve product and service offerings.

Achieve greater customer retention and renewals.


The Hallway Talk High-Value Customer Relationship Review empowers marketing platform providers to better serve their customers. It is an outstanding investment in your most important relationships.