The Hallway Talk CEO Study reveals what’s going on in the hearts and minds of your agency team and your clients.


Learn the Truth from Hallway Talk.

Our Hallway Talk CEO Study was developed specifically for agency senior managers who need to know the Truth, and need to know it now.

In just four weeks, we answer key questions such as:

What are your clients'/team's true perceptions of the agency?

How committed are people to your agency?

What do your team and clients expect from you?

Where is the agency vulnerable? Where are there opportunities?

How Hallway Talk reveals the Truth.

We speak one-on-one with agency clients and team members, in confidence, to reveal their honest perceptions about all aspects of your agency's business.

As a neutral third-party, we are skilled at probing deeply to reveal the insights that are most critical for new agency leaders.

Make more informed decisions knowing the Hallway Talk.

Get a better read on perceptions of the agency's strengths and weaknesses -- giving you valuable insights into your team, individuals, services, culture, vision and capabilities.

Prioritize your efforts and manage your resources to have a greater impact.

Know the landlines so you can navigate effectively.

Get the knowledge to course-correct for employee longevity and client retention and growth.

Fast and cost-effective.  The Hallway Talk CEO Study reveals the Truth so you can act on it.