By uncovering the Truths that are spoken in the Hallway, we reveal actionable insights that allow agencies to Build, Sustain and Repair relationships and grow their business.



It's a fact. Client retention is much less expensive than business development. Yet more resources are spent trying to grow the business than to understand, fix and keep business that you have.

The result? A leaky bucket where agencies are forced to land new business to replace business lost. That's a tough and expensive way to grow.

And that's where Hallway Talk helps. In confidential, one-on-one conversations we listen to your clients.  We hear their words, their intonation and their tone.  We probe so that we (and you) can truly understand what they are thinking.

Our "secret sauce" truly stems from who we are -- diplomatic, curious, passionate professional listeners who respect your clients' position, engender trust and probe until the Truth is told.

Think you hear the whole story from your own people? Think again. We've learned that perceptions can vary, people can protect others and communication gets filtered. Enlist Hallway Talk. Let the truth be told.